How efficient can cat(1) be?

AndrewBenn 2022-07-23 03:19:26
wardenunit 2022-07-23 03:24:27
wardenunit 2022-07-23 03:12:48
now we’ll have “I’d like to systemd-interjectd for a moment.”

LennartPoettering-Microsoftd backdoors confirmed 100%

qontinuum 2022-07-23 09:21:22

How efficient can cat(1) be?Ariadne’s Space
There have been a few initiatives in recent years to implement new a new userspace base system for Linux distributions as an alternative to the GNU coreutils and BusyBox. Recently, one of the autho…
Alex 2022-07-23 09:51:32
yabadaba doo 2022-07-23 02:45:37

Is it me or it’s actually something political surrounding systemd

Alex 2022-07-23 09:51:49
i mean apart from being so weirdly made
Alex 2022-07-23 09:52:32
everyone shuts up and accepts it even gnu
Alex 2022-07-23 09:52:54
they don’t revere it, yes, but they speak like they were forced to accept it
qontinuum 2022-07-23 09:53:02
They just state facts unlike you who are making it “political”
grakata_clem 2022-07-23 09:53:06
Accounting Poettering’s hate towards POSIX and development process, no shit he heavily pushed it
Night_H4nter 2022-07-23 09:53:11
Alex 2022-07-23 09:51:32
Is it me or it’s actually something political surrounding systemd


grakata_clem 2022-07-23 09:53:27
He even said that Linux must be streamlined and become more fragmented
Alex 2022-07-23 09:53:52
gnu speaking about systemd is exactly like socialist leaders speaking about stalin
Alex 2022-07-23 09:54:32
yes, it’s ok, it’s important but not as important etc, like let’s not get into trouble
qontinuum 2022-07-23 09:54:49
Wtf am I reading
grakata_clem 2022-07-23 09:54:57
In it’s time systemd was the only init system which provided decent parallelism, as I remember
grakata_clem 2022-07-23 09:55:08
But then something gone wrong
Alex 2022-07-23 09:56:31
i mean i’m probably thinking about what people already thought about 4-5 years ago, so nevermind
qontinuum 2022-07-23 09:57:49
You are mainly talking shit and making political claims out of technical choices
Alex 2022-07-23 09:58:23
let’s hope so
Alex 2022-07-23 09:59:06
in all honesty i booted ubuntu/gnome/wayland and i wasn’t as disgusted as i thought i would be
grakata_clem 2022-07-23 09:59:11
Your tinfoil hat must be thick bro
grakata_clem 2022-07-23 09:59:12
Alex 2022-07-23 09:59:36
that’s bs
qontinuum 2022-07-23 10:00:09
Alex 2022-07-23 09:59:36
that’s bs


Alex 2022-07-23 10:00:27
radio does jack shit under 50W close range
qontinuum 2022-07-23 10:00:39
Alex 2022-07-23 10:00:46
even directional antennas won’t hurt you unless you sit 10cm next to them
Alex 2022-07-23 10:01:06
tinfoil hat is just bs
grakata_clem 2022-07-23 10:01:26
I was pointing out that you make bold conspiracy claims but whatever
Alex 2022-07-23 10:02:14
nah i’m trying to remain common sense as much as possible
grakata_clem 2022-07-23 10:02:27
qontinuum 2022-07-23 10:02:30
You are failing hard today
Night_H4nter 2022-07-23 10:02:53
qontinuum 2022-07-23 09:54:49
Wtf am I reading

same question

Night_H4nter 2022-07-23 10:03:36
lost a couple of iq points reading this convo
Night_H4nter 2022-07-23 10:03:41
thank you very much