You can see there already something in place ; maybe there a bug in the kernel and or driver?

VS 2022-08-16 12:22:02
bittin1 2022-08-16 12:21:42

Okay, thanks

bittin1 2022-08-16 12:22:15
2022-08-16 21:29:44
Happy birthday debian
ziyao233 2022-08-17 04:05:06
Happy birthday Debian!
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 18:21:35 YES BUT you have to compile it … experimental Debian is 5.19
bittin1 2022-08-17 18:50:11
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 18:21:35 YES BUT you have to compile it … experimental Debian is 5.19

its RC1 will be stable 2th October

Inter_facing 2022-08-17 19:12:54
bittin1 2022-08-17 18:50:11
its RC1 will be stable 2th October

I’m pretty much conservative when it come to the kernel ( that why i use Debian ) . if Kernel 6.0 come with Real-time Kernel building support ( not just a “patch” ) it’s gonna be really interesting !

Inter_facing 2022-08-17 19:49:19
sorry i didn’t find informations about ryzen 6900hs (i expect you run Debian stable/experimental ) you can try this kinds of commands in a terminal (it will list materials kernel modules , and drivers currently in use) :
lspci -k
lspci -q ( for not locally know peripherals )

and for dysfunctional peripherals you can try : dmesg in root terminal and looking for the errors messages (generally mark in red in the terminal emulator such as xfce4-terminal )

Inter_facing 2022-08-17 19:52:46
a unknown peripheral with no drivers or modules (if your are unlucky)
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 19:53:24
i suggest using dmesg in terminal
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 20:10:05
what it seem (for the details you give me) :HID over I2C transport layer: doesn’t seem to be enable in your kernel which is odd because in generic Debian this is compiled as a module . i recommend using dmesg command in your terminal , module loading at startup must have go wrong…. ( albeit your not using a generic debian ? )
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 20:17:31
Nomadic if you can copy dmesg error lines ? or simply wait kernel 6.0 for better support
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 20:25:45
do you have difficulties installing Debian or you chose popos because you like it ? (no shame)
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 20:40:18
i don’t think , i try this with ubuntu and it didn’t work.
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 20:43:34
Nomadic is the package i2c-tools is install ?
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 20:43:57
otherwise you can try a Debian non-free live image
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 20:45:24
??? sorry i don’t understant your question
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 21:14:46
no since you have POP_OS i don’t have a clear idea what are the parameters of your kernel and how it behave ; it can be straight forward , run a Debian live on usb stick with all the non-free drivers and firmwares , then type lsmod in terminal to interrogate the system what modules it use and by whom , then use the lspci -k to know what module work with what driver ex: this is what i do to find driver package
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 21:14:47

Inter_facing 2022-08-17 21:32:08
you can see there already something in place ; maybe there a bug in the kernel and or driver ?
Inter_facing 2022-08-17 21:34:07
potentially i don’t know , i did my best to help you…
Inter_facing 2022-08-18 00:06:12
i’m beginning in kernel compile , hope to get news outs of yours experiments.
Inter_facing 2022-08-18 00:07:14
classic 😁
Inter_facing 2022-08-18 04:55:46
hoooo ! yes welcome realtime Kernel support ! i give it a try to !
Inter_facing 2022-08-18 15:02:03
yes ! , you have guts ! compiling a brand new kernel just to make some propriety hardware to work. 👍
Inter_facing 2022-08-18 19:35:56
yes ! , its just sad when it come to just make some weird proprietary hardware to work , when we could have a fully open source platform , and focus on more important stuff. but i get your general idea.
Akshay Jr. Kumar 2022-08-18 19:39:13
Hey right now situation is that Linux is forced to provide unofficial support for proprietary hardware why it just can’t be that hardware manufacturers are forced to provide full functional open source optimized drivers . like I heard debian project has lot of money but…..
Inter_facing 2022-08-18 20:02:08
raptor talos with its IBM POWER9
Inter_facing 2022-08-18 20:03:31
bless the hassle-free intel integrate GPU
Inter_facing 2022-08-18 20:03:50
i’m not kidding….
Inter_facing 2022-08-18 20:04:07
yes but its good !
Inter_facing 2022-08-18 20:06:22
i actually plan to get the Intel Xe gpu worstation variant , mainly because they advertise an opensource openCL .
Inter_facing 2022-08-18 20:07:27
its call usury….
2022-08-19 13:09:45
hi, i had to force restart my pc since it got hanged (tried to reboot through tty, even tty got hanged (i had some encodings going on) ) so i force restared the pc
2022-08-19 13:10:44
everything is good except the audio, i tried restarting pulseaudio but it didnt work, tried several fixes from google but couldnt find a fix, there is no audio output at all